Advocacy Report, February 2016

Advocacy Report, October 2015

Advocacy Report, May 2015, (Montreal AGA)

RCA Advocacy began as a role of the RCA in 2005, “To investigate issues affecting artists and the arts in Canada in relation to society in general and to recommend appropriate responses to the Governing Council.”. Since 2006, Advocacy has facilitated discussion panels and presentations on issues concerning the status, health, and well being of artists, at RCA AGA’s in Halifax, Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Kitchener-Waterloo, and St. John’s, and provided support on behalf of art and artists wherever possible.

While it began as an Advocacy Committee, the economic downturn of 2008 exacerbated conditions and challenges for the RCA and many of its members, making it difficult for the committee to convene and function effectively. In 2012 the Committee was dissolved and its functions are now carried on by an Advocacy Representative. The RCA has the potential to speak with the authority of an impressive membership and a long and venerable history, and we aim to find ways to take advantage of the great well of experience within our membership for the benefit of all.

RCA Advocacy remains committed to improving the situation of artists in relation to the rest of society, and to improving the status of the visual arts in the minds of all Canadians. At present it works most effectively in partnership with other national visual arts service organizations, particularly the Visual Arts Alliance, formed in 2008 after the Visual Arts Summit of 2007. The Alliance is engaged in regular discussions with the agencies that most directly affect arts policy and funding, and works with them to deliver the message of the importance of the visual arts with specific ‘asks’ for support to the federal government for artists and art institutions.

Milly Ristvedt,
RCA Advocacy Representative,
November, 2013

Royal Canadian Academy of Arts