Venues in the visual arts have grown significantly since the RCA was founded and its members exhibit widely in galleries and museums locally, regionally, nationally and outside of Canada. The RCA continues to exhibit its new members in conjunction with the Annual General Assembly and regularly mounts exhibitions at the John Aird Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

In 1880 the Canadian Academy of the Arts mounted its first exhibition; this led directly to the founding of the National Gallery of Canada. On March 6, 1880, in Ottawa, the first exhibition of the Canadian Academy of Arts (later designated “Royal”) included the works of painters, sculptors, architects, engravers and designers from the different regions of the country. This exhibition began the long history of exhibitions through the combined efforts of the National Gallery of Canada and the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

A condition of election to the Academy once required that each academician donate a work of art in her or his profession to be known as a Diploma Work. These works formed the core collections of the National Gallery of Canada that opened its doors in 1882. Academicians continued to donate a Diploma Work to the National Gallery until 1976.

By  1976, the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts had mounted 171 national open-juried exhibitions as well as regional and traveling exhibitions, and from 1987 – 92 operated its own gallery at RCA Academy House in Toronto.

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