The RCA organizes lectures in conjunction with specific events such as its Annual General Assemblies. These lectures are an opportunity to share ideas, present critical opinions, and inform members and the general public about relevant issues and concerns in the visual arts today in Canada and the World.  They also offer opportunities to present the achievements and practices of  individual Academicians.

Upcoming: RCA Lecture in Motion Series

The Lecture in Motion Series is part of the Knowledge Exchange and Community Development mandate of the RCA. Through these lectures RCA Academicians, as recognized experts in their respective fields, will have an opportunity to share their expertise and inspire others is through a public lecture series to be held in selected centres across the country.

The title: Lecture in Motion  refers to the dynamics of information exchange and the possibility of delivering lectures in different cities.

Past Public Lectures

John Patkau RCA at the RCA Annual General Assembly, Victoria, BC,  June 8, 2013
‘Circumstantial Imagination

The lecture passionately outlined the long, innovative career of John and Patricia Patkau. To read an excerpt from this lecture please click here.

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