rca foundation

The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Foundation (RCA Foundation) is a registered charitable trust and operates as the fundraising vehicle of the Academy. It is managed by a board of seven trustees. Audited financial statements are available on request. Donors are issued a charitable tax receipt and are recognized in all RCA publications and media releases.

Fundraising efforts by the RCA Foundation support the Academy’s three major activities: the RCA Trust Fund which provides grants to public galleries across Canada to purchase and exhibit works of living Canadian artists; the RCA Scholarship Fund which provides financial assistance to promising Canadians for post-graduate study in the visual arts and design, and the RCA Program Fund, which mounts exhibitions, produces publications and other public activities to foster awareness and appreciation of the visual arts.

The RCA Trust Fund established in 1973, was  incorporated into the RCA Foundation in 2004, with the mandate to receive funds to assist in the encouragement and cultivation of the highest standards in the creative arts in Canada. Today, its essential activity is to assist regional public galleries to build their permanent collections by providing grants for the purchase of works by living Canadian artists. In the past the Trust has provided scholarships to students studying sculpture and architecture.  In 2001, for instance, the inaugural RCA / Ernest Annau Scholarship for Architecture was given by the Trust. In 2000 the Trust sponsored the Arts2000 RCA Trust Fund Jury Prize. The Prize was awarded to nine artists exhibiting in Arts2000, the RCA millennial celebration of Canadian visual arts.

Current RCA Foundation Trustees

 Ann McCall RCA  QC Acting Chair
 Joseph-Richard Veilleux RCA  QC  Trustee
vacant-to be appointed  Secretary
 John Bankes  ON  Trustee
 Johnson Chou RCA  ON Trustee
 Klaus Neinkamper  ON  Trustee
 Neal Weston  ON  Treasurer
 Barbara Vogel RCA  ON  Ex Officio

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