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The Self-Portrait Project is an inspiring demonstration of the good will and generosity of the one hundred twenty academicians and one RCA Medal recipient who have chosen to share their extraordinary talents by participating in this unique initiative. This exhibition functions as a “face to face” meeting of many of the most accomplished and influential senior architects, designers, and artists responsible for shaping this country’s visual heritage and designed environment for more than a half century. These self-examinations employ a variety of media, with contrasting intentions, and sometimes marginal connections to the professional discipline or aesthetic direction with which each member is generally associated. The gathering of these arresting self-portraits captures a rare conversation among significant creators from many diverse professional disciplines, generations, and viewpoints.”

excerpt project catalogueby Ron Shuebrook, RCA
Former President
Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

To read more, download the full texts here:
Self-Portraits Intro_Barbara Vogel
Self-Portraits Essay_Ron Shuebrook
Self-Portraits Essay_Sara Diamond

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