The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts currently has over 790 Academicians in more than thirty visual arts and design disciplines. For over a century the RCA has represented artists and designers in an ever-expanding number of disciplines. Rooted in traditional visual arts practices the organization now reflects in its membership not only those working in painting, print-making, sculpture and architecture but also film, video, photography, ceramics, performance art and interdisciplinary practices.

Nominated and elected by their peers, members are recognized for the significant contributions they have made through their practices to the visual arts or design in Canada. Academicians meet the following requirements for election to the RCA:

• A significant body of work that has been recognized for its excellence and innovation
• International, national and regional exhibitions and/or commissions that acknowledge the importance of the work
• Acquisitions for permanent public collections in regional and/or national galleries
• Awards and recognition by significant institutions and agencies

Royal Canadian Academy of Arts